'306', is a short gay film which Elliot London wrote, directed and produced himself was shown at ten film festivals and nominated for several awards. Set in Chicago, IL, this 11 minute short film shows a day in the life of a young man. Without a single word spoken, "306" is full of emotion and shows us exactly how Eric (played by the handsome Brian Estel) feels at all times. Beautifully shot and great acting.

In just over one month, "306" received over 80,000 hits on Vimeo and was viewed in over 155 countries in every continent of the world.

When you watch "306" you will think you know it all, but you don't. Judge for yourselves.


Beautiful short film, directed by Steward Hendler, written by Richard Bloom.
An old man, played by Jay Edwards, relives precious moments from sixty years ago in little over three minutes. His memory takes him back to an experience as a little boy (played by Andy Scott Harris) that determined the rest of his life. The ending shows us how things have changed over the years..

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